Salaries and Perks of Each Military Rank in the United States

Published on December 19, 2021

The United States military has six branches with about 2.4 million people associated with them. Some are in the reserves, while the others are on active duty. These people want to serve their country and are often there because of the great perks they get and the decent salary.

However, it’s a full-time job, and sometimes, people are away from their families and away from home for prolonged periods of time.

Overall, the sum a person makes in the military is based on their rank. Therefore, an entry-level cadet might make a lot less than a major in the Army. Regardless, here are the salaries and benefits for those who serve in the US military.

Cadets and Midshipmen Make $1,186 a Month

Midshipmen and cadets are students at one of five academies and are the lowest-paid people. However, they still get a monthly allotment, which is more than college students can say. Students get $1,186 each month to make an annual salary of $14,232.

Cadets And Midshipmen Make $1,186 A Month

Cadets And Midshipmen Make $1,186 A Month

E-1s Make $1,650 a Month

Seaman Recruits in the Navy/Coast Guard, Privates in the Marines and Army, or Airman Basics for the Space Force and Air Force are the lowest enlisted service ranks and are called E-1s. Even if they aren’t active duty for over four months, they still get $1,650 each month.

E 1s (Less Than Four Months Of Experience) Make $1,650 A Month

E 1s Make $1,650 A Month